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Half Batch Brewing has its roots in the kitchen of a college apartment in Baton Rouge. That's where, in 1995, I brewed my first beer. Of course, I immediately wanted to do it for a living, but it was a long road from that first batch of homebrew to opening the doors to the Half Batch Brewing public room.

I graduated from college with a history degree and set about trying to get a job in the beer industry. I had a few close calls, but eventually I had to put the dream of brewing beer for a living on hold. A lot of life happened in those intervening twenty-plus years, but the dream of opening a brewery was always there in the back of my mind.

Then one day in 2017, the dream became real. I opened Half Batch Brewing to share with people the thing that I love - beer. My goal is for Half Batch Brewing to always produce the best beer we can possibly brew. Every time. Hence the motto "Half Batch Brewing - Never Half-Ass". I hope all of you enjoy our creations.

Nathan S. Newton, Founder of Half Batch Brewing

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Half Batch Brewing is to create unique world class beers for our supporters to enjoy, and to build a beer community where all our supporters feel welcome

Vision Statement

Our Vision: to build a community where all our employees and supporters are welcome and feel comfortable coming together over beer. Half Batch Brewing strives to be a force for good in our local neighborhood and beyond.

The Legend of Cheeky Pete

We’ve had a motto since the beginning at Half Batch Brewing – ‘Never Half Ass’. It’s always our goal, to do our best every chance we get - no regrets. We created an image to go along with that motto showing half of a donkey with a line canceling it out. We liked that image, and we really liked that donkey. A lot.

Classic British bitter is a beer style that is a bit of an obsession here. British bitter is the original draft session ale from the pubs of England. Our brewers created a flavorful but low alcohol beer styled after those pub ales of Britain. We gave the beer a name that we imagined sounded like a nickname of a low-level British mobster: Cheeky Pete. That name stuck for the beer. Next, we started to call the donkey in the ‘Never Half Ass’ image Cheeky Pete and using that image on stickers and merch so much that it has become an alternate logo for Half Batch Brewing. A brewery mascot was born.

Cheeky Pete – a motto, a beer, a mascot. Cheeky Pete’s image is a reminder for us at Half Batch to live up to our ‘Never Half Ass’ motto. Cheeky Pete is also a full-flavor session-strength British pub ale that is always available in the public room and beyond. Cheeky Pete is also our fun-loving donkey of a mascot. You just never know when he may make an appearance.


154 Bonita Pkwy
Hendersonville, TN


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